How Beth Sanders Is Tackling the Epidemic of Loneliness in a COVID World

The CEO and co-founder of LifeBio is scaling up reminiscence therapy to help isolated seniors during government-mandated lockdowns.

Through LifeBio, Sanders and her team work with large insurers to do what they call “loneliness interventions.” They specialize in reminiscence therapy, helping seniors tell their stories as a way to improve mental health and fight depression, among other positive health outcomes.

Sparked by the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent increase in social isolation, Sanders launched MyHelloLine, a way to bring reminiscence therapy into the home. Sanders’ team is training an army of conversationalists in how to not only say hello, but to ask the kind of questions that will result in authentic connections.

Often, senior agencies will check on home-bound seniors over the phone, but their focus will be on physical wellbeing. Is there food in the house? Is the individual exercising? MyHelloLine focuses on mental health, asking questions and creating the space for conversations that will bring a sense of wellbeing.

As of 2019, there are ICD-19 reimbursement codes related to social isolation, which is an industry shift that Sanders and LifeBio are capitalizing on.

Sanders is connecting the dots between loneliness interventions and true healthcare costs, showing that by decreasing depression and loneliness her company can save insurers millions.

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